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Join Battle of Minds, BAT’s Business Competition

Tirane, Shqipëri 30-06-2023 edhe 24 ditë

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Title: Join Battle of Minds, BAT’s Business Competition

Location: Albania/Kosovo/Macedonia

Closing date: 30 June 2023


Enter the race of your life and win big!

Join Battle of Minds, BAT’s global business competition for early career talent, and make a positive impact. Unleash your potential by solving one of our ESG-focussed challenges: Tech, Bio, Energy and Inclusion by submitting your idea in the format of a business pitch deck.

In the past two years, we partnered with BAT’s corporate venture arm, Btomorrow Ventures (BTV) in a bid to discover the brightest early-career business minds around the globe. In 2022, we saw 4,000 contestants take part from 27 countries including Albania/ Kosovo with 750 brilliant ideas submitted in total, 9 of which made it through to our global final. We crowned our global winners with a £50,000 investment, sponsored by BTV, in their business progression.

Now we are calling university students and recent graduates from 30 markets across the globe to unleash their potential by submitting their innovative ideas to solve our challenges!



What’s in it for you?

From upskilling training programmes to monetary prizes, we offer:

  • Best-in-class online learning experience to get yourself ready for the business world
  • Employment opportunities at BAT
  • Networking with peers and professionals in sustainability
  • Insights into BAT’s working culture
  • A chance to visit BAT offices in your country
  • If your idea wins the global competition you’ll get a £50,000 investment to turn your idea into reality


How to participate?

Are you a university student who has a unique idea that will help deliver a more sustainable future? Have you graduated in the past 5 years with an entrepreneurial mindset and want to turn your business idea into reality? Most of all, are you looking for a challenge?

Sign up for your team and submit your pitch deck from one of our participating countries:

Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia,

Register at for your seat in the race and learn more about the competition.


Timeline Overview

  • Team Registration & Pitch Submission: 1st May – 30th June
  • Local Round: 1st July – 15th September
  • Global Final: End of October (One global winning team will be announced as a result.)


Whatever you do, make a positive impact. Check the platform to learn more about Battle of Minds and contact us if any question.

Sign up for the event here.


Dream big. Win big. Get challenged.

The race is on. Register now!



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1. Fillimisht klikoni butonin "Aplikoni".

2. Pasi klikoni këtë buton, më poshtë ju shfaqet mundësia të përzgjidhni 1 nga CV tuaja që keni krijuar në llogari si punëkërkues.

3. Në rast se kompania kërkon dokumenta shtesë, ju do të keni mundësi që të përzgjidhni dokumentat nëpërmjet rubrikës "Bashkëngjit Dokumente" që do të shfaqet poshtë "Zgjidhni CV që i përshtatet më së miri pozicionit të punës".

4. Në fund klikoni butoni "Dërgo".

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